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This web site is the home of RJN Industries Inc. a leader in the manufacturing of entertainment solutions to fit the vast variety of machines used throughout the industry. No matter what type of foam generator or snow machine you have we have the "FOAM SOLUTION" to make it perform outstandingly.

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Entertainment Solutions are :

Biodegradable    Non-Coloring    Non-Toxic Hypo-Allergenic    Odor Free    Clean

Made with Cosmetic Grade Ingredients       

Formulated for the original Auto-Siphon foam machines like Cannons. Can be diluted up to 1 : 75 with plain water for non-siphon foam machines. Made with Cosmetic Grade Ingredients, Mixes Easily, Makes Long Lasting Foam to shoot.

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Super Concentrated, dilutes up to 1 : 150 with ordinary water Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Hypo-Allergenic, Non-Coloring, No Odor, Made with Cosmetic Grade Ingredients,  Clean Neutral Scent, Mixes Easily, Makes Long Lasting Foam.

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Formulated for the original “Lunch Box” foam generators that hold 1 gallon foam juice bottles. Sold in 8 ounce concentrates that dilute with plain tap water to make 1 gallon. Made with Cosmetic Grade Ingredients, Mixes Easily, Makes Long Lasting Foam

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Concentrated Snow Solution that will work in all types of snow machines. 8 ounces makes 1 gallon solution dry of gentle Snow Flakes that can disappear before they hit the ground.

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